Pelvic HealthPubic Symphysis Pain During Pregnancy

Pubic Symphysis Pain During Pregnancy


Pubic Symphysis Pain (SPD) during pregnancy is no joke!  It’s not uncommon, especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, our hormones kick in to relax our ligaments and joints in order to make more space to accommodate baby.  Our pubic bones come together in the front and form a cartilaginous joint called the pubic symphysis. This joint helps keep the pelvis stable and allows only a very small amount of movement.  Laxity of this joint can lead to pelvic instability (extra movement), with occasional sharp shooting pains, pinching or a strong ache near your pubic bone and groin.  If you’ve had it, you know what I mean. 

Physical therapy can be very helpful to assess your pelvic position, provide stabilization exercises and relief techniques specific to your presentation in order to get you through your pregnancy with less pain and discomfort. 

Does rolling in bed, standing on one leg such as while trying to get pants or shoes on, going up and down stairs, or getting out of the car have you searing in pain?  Try these tips…

Movements made with legs separated or standing on one leg result in the muscles and tendons pulling on the pubic bone and causing pain in the pubic symphysis.  While these are very normal and common movements that you wouldn’t typically avoid … when you’re pregnant with SPD, squeezing your legs together and avoiding single leg activities can make a world of a difference!

Wishing you some relief as you wait for your little one.  I hope these help!  If you’re still having pain, feel free to give me a ring.  Pregnant people with Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction tend to respond well to physical therapy.

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