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Weekly Classes

Soma Yoga Core & Pelvic Floor Stretching Coffee & Treats! (31)

Resilient Runner Fitness Class

Exercise class with an emphasis on glutes, hips and core.
Led by: Dr. Jess Blaisdell
Dates: Wednesdays: 5/24; 5/31; 6/7; 6/14
Time: 9:30-10:15
Location: Bloom Physical therapy and Wellness
What is Fit to Run?

a 45 minute exercise class geared towards strengthening and coordinating running specific muscles.

a Focus on glutes, core and hip!

a You don't need to be a runner to attend! This class is also a great fit for anyone looking to improve their core, glute and hip strength.

Mid-day Reset Yoga & Salt Lounge

a Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the morning; tune in to your body and allow for a reset of the nervous system; using poses, breath, and mindfulness to carry out the rest of your day with intention; all levels of experience welcome.

Candlelight Calm Yoga & Salt

a Come relax and release from the worries/stressors of the day or even the week; prepare your body for a relaxing night sleep. All levels welcome.


Workshops & Special Events

Coffee, Core & Pelvic Floor

In collaboration with Mahtomedi ECFE

a Join us for a coffee as you learn about your core & pelvic floor!

a Tips/techniques to help with leaking, urgency/frequency, diastasis recti, and managing pelvic organ prolapse symptoms. We'll also go over signs/symptoms for common pelvic floor issues.

a How to engage and strengthen your deep core, which can help decrease low back, hip and pelvic pain.

a How to check yourself for diastasis recti and an intro on how to strengthen your core when you have diastasis recti.

a Practicing breathing and muscle coordination exercises to keep your core and pelvic floor muscles strong and flexible.


Coming Soon

Core Connect for Mama's

Dates: TBD
Time: Mondays from 9:45-10:30am
Instructor: Dr. Jess Blaisdell
Location: Bloom Physical Therapy and Wellness, 1526 Mahtomedi Ave, Mahtomedi, MN 55115
What is Core Connect?

a A fantastic class for mama's! Learn to engage and strengthen your deep core and pelvic floor muscles, then relax and unwind. Hang out with each other mom's who have babies as well, and drink coffee/tea. Babies are absolutely welcome!

a 45 min of gentle deep core, glute, pelvic floor exercises and stretches to help gain a good "stability base" postpartum.

a 15 min to unwind, relax and enjoy coffee/tea and conversation with other mama's

***Must be a minimum of 6 weeks postpartum (8 weeks for a c-section) with clearance from their physician to resume physical exercise. It is always recommended to visit a pelvic floor physical therapist prior to introducing exercises postpartum to check for pelvic floor muscles strength, coordination, prolapse, diastasis recti or other concerns. Reach out if you'd like to schedule an appointment with me. ***Please note that your baby's safety remains 100% your responsibility. We look forward to meeting your cuties!

Come join our encouraging community, achieve your fitness
goals, and have a great time!

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